Welcome to Poland!

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Our logo

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The Problem-busters chose the logo of our project. Big thank you to all authors of logos!
All works are excellent but “vox populi, vox Dei”!


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_____________________ nr 7 _______________________  nr 8 __________________

_____________________ nr 9 _______________________   nr 10 __________________

Here you can choose the  best logo of Problem-busters project!

News from Problem-busters!

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It’s time to write more about our co-operation.  Problem-busters participated in meeting in Tostamaa. We had possibility to meet and  learn more about each other – generally we spent a really good time in Estonia. We have set rules of co-operation and  common activities.

Thanks to our host partners – Liina, Toomas and other Estonian friends we took part in really interesting activities such as opening ceremony, concert,  Drama workshops, movie night etc. Full version of the report you can read here –  REPORT TOSTAMAA 2010.  Students’ reflections will be uploaded on the Internet soon.

Now all Problem-busters started  working on a common poll “What is Your Source of Happiness?” and a logo of our project. More details devoted to our thematic group  and our work will be published soon.

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Tõstamaa workmeeting

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Tõstamaa projectmeeting 18. – 24.10.2010 pictures…


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Hello! Здрасти! Tere! Salut! Hei! Cześć!

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Welcome to our project’s site! We are starting our „Problem-busters project” soon. There are five partners from different countries: Bulgary, Estonia, France, Norway and Poland. We are going to consider human rights topic in different levels and ways.