Trondheim meeting reflections

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Reflections from the classroom of 1ST3

 From Benny:

A few weeks ago, we had some visitors from Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland and France. The visitors were teachers, all in different subjects. Some of the visiting teachers were talking about endangered species both from their own country and from the entire world. Dancing bears was the subject that made the biggest impression on all of us. Dancing bears is obviously bears who dance, but the bears learn how to dance by being tortured – dancing on hot metal plates while listening to music. When the soundtrack is played later, the poor bear begins dancing in fear of being burnt again. After having talked a bit about predator politics both in Norway and in Romania, we moved on to debating. The teachers had a lot of knowledge, and contributed with a lot of good arguments. I (my self) had a great time listening to the “foreign” speakers, i especially liked to hear how they dealt with their problems, which made me realize how comparable we really are. It looked like the teachers had a good time, and I would love to visit them sometime



We got 12 visitors from Estonia, France, Bulgaria, Poland and Noggieland. We discussed themes like wildlife, predators and endangered species. They performed their country issues, and we had made performances about the themes, based on Norway. We had a debate about import of species how are endangered. We split the class in two, and distributed the visitor’s one these two groups. One group was positive and the other group was negative to the theme. We got 20 minutes to prepare arguments, an opening speech and a summary. Each group started the debate with the opening speech, and the best speech got 3 points. Then one group stared with an argument, and the opposite group needed to answer against the argument. Winner of that round got tree points. The same in the summary, winner got 3 points. After the debate the referee counts the points and selects the winner.

From Emma og Petter

Problem Busters By Renate and Mari

We had a very great experience from the visit from Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland and France. In the class room we had a debate about endangered species and predators. The students in our class had a performance about these topics within predators. The teachers from the other countries also had a performance about their country’s wildlife and about how they prevented the endangered species from dying out. We enjoyed the performance about the dancing bears from Bulgaria. We learned a lot this day and we hope the visitors had a great time here on Charlottenlund.

Problem Busters

A month ago, around the fifth of May, visitors from around Europe came to our school. They represented Bulgaria, France, Estonia and Poland, and came to discuss endangered predators with us. We presented different endangered predators in different parts of the world and political views in Norway and Sweden. After we presented that, they presented endangered predators in their countries and the issues and conflicts that follow them.

We thought it was a good and different way to learn about this topic. The visitors were polite and engaged and contributed to the debate we had in the class. It’s also nice to know that every teacher doesn’t talk as good English as our teacher.

Marte c, and Martin

“Problem busters”

In this report/assignment/task I’m going to tell short about my experience with the teachers (which I didn’t know) who were from: France, Bulgaria, Estonia and Poland. First we were in the classroom, just waiting. And then they entered: at first when they entered, they seemed like normal people (which they were of course). I don’t remember their names, but I remember they were four; an English-teacher, a cameraman, and two science-teacher. What we did: First a presentation about a national-park (dancing-bears) in Bulgaria, were they had built a village around a national-park, and how that in their culture they favored the endangered predators more than the hordes of herbivores. In that special national-park they kept a large number of Bears. Thereafter we had some presentations of our ones. Food-pause. Then we had a discussion about importation of foreign bears to Norway (we were divided in two groups: pro and con) where we got help from the teachers two on either sides. And after that the day was finished. Personally: We think that this experience has been a good experience. We learned something new about culture in eastern-Europe, Predator-policy and met some new interesting people. And yes we think to be on a project like this would be great! Personal note Weedie: the French English-teacher was astonishing surprisingly good in English to a French person of course, but she had to because it was her job.

Vebjørn, Karoline and Aleksandra

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