L´Aigle meeting reflections


Maria, Aleksandar, Mario – Bulgaria

France-romantic, beauty, new friends. Once Paris been visited, a man wishes to go back there again. Beauty, exquisiteness and magnetism-it is Paris. When we arrived at L’Aigle- Normandy, we carried in spirit to the Middle Ages with the magnificent castles and kings.

Lycee Napoleon L’Aigle surprised us with its size and interesting school subjects. We have learned to cook delicious French dishes. We have never forget the school kitchen-modern and comfortable.

L’Aigle is a very beautiful town-clean streets, old buildings and a lot of flowers. How nice it will be if a man go back to the old places again! Maybe they will be more beautiful!

Thank you friends!

Reflections by Kamila Bużan

The October trip to France was my first encounter with any project. It’s hard to expect much from something we do not know. Thus I felt a little bit nervous. When I had learned that I would sleep with a French family I was really happy. Later,my joy vanished.What if I will not be able to communicate with these people? Is this a girl or a boy I am going to live with? What if I have to sleep in one bed with a French? I had one million concerns, which immediately disappared  when I met “my family”.They were really nice and open people. If they asked me to come again I would go for a few days without hesitation. I lived in a house in a small village, so it was a nice change.

The school in L’aigle was very different from our “Jednyka”.There were a few separate buildings and about 1,000 students. We spent a lot of time in the room called rotund. In that place students were waiting for their lessons.We had plenty of time to talk or make friends with the French. Most of the days were passing the same. But there were also some interesting activities. The events that I liked most were cooking and of course visiting Paris. I love to cook, so these activity coincided with my taste. It is a pity that it took place only once. Paris is a very beautiful city. It was wonderful to visit that city!

All in all, I liked the project because I could get to know many new people, see how people live in France, go to the Eiffel tower, learn about human rights and do many other interesting things.

Reflections by Kalina Gałkowska

Before holiday break I found out that I’m going to take part in a Comenius exchange. I have to admit that I had huge luck because I sent my essay few days before final term.

As for my novelette I didn’t like it at all so I was really surprised when I realized that in October I’m going to France. I used to take part in other projects but I have never travelled alone without parents. I was afraid of the aeroplane flight but the main reason of my fear were questions “what if I won’t communicate with others?” “what if my new family won’t accept me?”

But when we arrived in France, all my worries vanished. School in France is much different than ours. It consists of multiple buildings and as for the breaks they last about one hour, so students have a lot of time to rest. Perrine, my “new sister” turned out to be very friendly and talkative person. We were talking a lot about our countries and we were comparing for example our education system, which is quite different in Poland. In school I took part in English and French classes, but what’s more I participated in cooking lessons which allowed us to talk more with each other. But as for me, the most memorable point was a trip to Paris. Eiffel Tower, all these shops and streets made that I fell in love with Paris. I think that it was the best moment of our exchange.

But project it’s not only fun and visiting new places. Thanks to the Comenius project, we learned about new culture and what is very important – we improved our language. Trip to France was for me some kind of experience. I could meet new people and I learned a lot of things connected with tolerance, so it means that it’s possible to study without handbook.

Reflections by Monika Sciubilecka

want to write my reflections from Comenius Project in L’Aigle in France.

I heard many things from my friends, mainly that there were problems with organisation. I agree with that, but I think that there will be something to remember with a smile on our faces. We were spending many hours in one circle room, that was boring, but now I know many things about teenagers from France. I saw that they have long breaks between lessons and during that time they are in a rotund (that circle room) and they talk together. I like it, because they are getting closer to each other and they know each other better.  All teenagers from that city and people from the cities, which are close to  L’Aigle go to the same school and I think that they know each other better thanks to the time spent together. I know that at this time we could do something more interesting, but I think that it learnt us something too.

The most fantastic things which we did in France were cooking and  last dinner in the restaurant with Polish people, where was good food and funny men who played the guitar.

I want to come back to L’Aigle because my family was FANTASTIC! I’m trying to convince my parents to go to them next holidays and I want to invite them to Poland. Elisa is a fantastic person, she was really nice for me, when I had a problem to pack my suitcase  she helped me and she told:

– When you don’t sleep, I will not sleep too! I will help you and we’ll do it together!

And that was really nice, her parents where fantastic too, her mother tried to talk with me in English, her father can’t speak English and all the time he  asked me about Polish words and later he talked with me in Polish. Her sister can’t speak English too, but she was trying all the time and smiling to me. I love that family and I’m really happy that I lived with them!

I’m sad that this time is over, I would like to come back. Even only for few days…

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