International voting for the logo of “Problem-busters project” – December 2010  – January 2011

The partners decided to send 2 logos of project from each institution involved in “Problem-busters project”. In December we started international voting for our common sign. The students and teachers can vote through the Internet. More about logos.

Conduct of the research devoted to human rights problems “What is your source of Happiness?” November – December 2010

During Comenius meeting the participants  prepared the same pattern of poll  “What Is Your Source of Happiness?”. The partners decided that all the schools will ask not less than 100 students and 100 adults (equal number of females and males) except Estonian school which will ask 50 students and adults. We conducted common survey in partners’ schools and towns, compared results and publish on our web-site. More about poll.

Project meeting, Tostamaa, Estonia, 18-24 October 201o

All  31 Problem-busters partners participated in Comenius meeting in Tostamma. We took part in  the official opening ceremony,  made the Comenius instalation and planted the Comenius tree. Each of the  participants introduced themselves and their schools. Aims of the meeting were set out: presentations of schools, setting rules of co-operation, preparing documents, useful during work on the project, sharing tasks, planning work.  We also took part in Drama workshops, Movie Night and trips. Visit to Estonia was excellent thanks to our host friends. More about visit.

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